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Barry Callaghan: Essays on His Works

As a great storyteller and man of letters, Barry Callaghan is also a Canadian public intellectual and cultural critic; these essays discuss his influence and assess his writerly fascination with the no-man᾿s-land between fiction and journalism. Contributors include Margaret Atwood, Marie-Claire Blais, Hayden Carruth, Branko Gorjup, Janice Kulyk Keefer, William Kennedy, Patrick Lane, Kathleen McCracken, Michel DeGuy, Robert Marteau, Anne Michaels, Rosemary Sullivan, and Dennis Lee.

(Guernica Editions, 2007)

“[An] impressive collection of essays…this is no dry scholary tome. It is comprehensive, informative, compelling…Uppal has done a thorough job in assembling the right people to present the case for this many-sided writer who, as she notes, laboured long under the shadown of his at-least-once-famous father and has hitherto been much better known in Europe than in his native country…I welcome this book for its challenge to current assumptions, and I have learned much from it.”

–W.J. Keith, University of Toronto Quarterly

“[A] corrective to the lack of critical attention devoted to Callaghan to date…a valuable service in drawing our attention to Callaghan’s writing, making a particularly compelling case for the richness of his Hogg poems…a useful resource, providing insight into the literary and social context in which Callaghan has produced his work, collecting in one volume some critical writings that can form that basis for a critical assessment of his writing, and making the case that Callaghan is a figure worthy of more scholarly attention.”

–Douglas Ivison, Canadian Literature

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