Confessions of a Fertility Expert

All day long, a male gynecologist surrounds himself with patients trying to get pregnant. All of this talk about creating new life only makes him more concerned about his failure to create life. In Confessions of a Fertility Expert, Priscila Uppal presents a series of poetry that examines this complex character with great passion and empathy.

(Exile Editions, 1999)

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Praise for Confessions of a Fertility Expert

“Priscila Uppal is certainly one of the most engaging young poets writing in English in Canada today … Confessions will, sooner or later, enter the main body of contemporary Canadian poetry.”

–World Literature in Review

“Priscila Uppal deconstructs our ordinary visions and way of seeing things, abstract or real, and when she reassembles the mundane of our experiences and perspectives, we are face to face for the first time ever with a wondrous knowledge of what is life and goodness and poetry. How to Draw Blood From a Stone did just that, summoning critical praise to Uppal. Now, with Confessions of a Fertility Expert, Uppal is assured of a prominent place in the firmament of this country’s new, exciting poets.”

–Austin Clarke

“Her voice is coiled and powerful, containing underlying passion, sometimes anger, simply beautiful.”

–Diana Fitzgerald Bryden, National Post