How to Draw Blood from a Stone

Weaving deftly through life, love and power, Priscila Uppal’s poems reveal remarkable maturity and a wide range. Tight, disciplined language brings mythology, religion and the power of the supernatural into ordinary everyday life. Bypassing youthful sentimentality, she goes straight for the core of life and death. How to Draw Blood from a Stone is a stunning debut.

(Exile Editions, 1998)

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Praise for How to Draw Blood from a Stone

“Just when it seemed poetry had become the orphan art in our day, along comes a young poet like Priscila Uppal to astonish. Her poems put down roots in your mind, in words that wound. And heal. A wonderful debut collection.”

–Rosemary Sullivan

“Uppal encompasses all that is life, offering a voice that is starkly honest and deeply personal.”

The Bookshelf

“Sometimes, though, there are breakthroughs in subject matter. Priscila Uppal’s ‘Fellatio’ may be the best poem ever written on the topic of oral intercourse–at least from the female viewpoint.”

–Fraser Sutherland, The Globe and Mail

“Uppal…writes about grief and fellatio with equal gusto.”

–Lynn Crosbie, National Post