Stories from the Supernatural

Halli Villegas and Myna Wallin, Editors

In The Dark

Featuring twenty-eight works by Canadian authors that encompass everything from madmen and ghosts to poltergeists and spooks, In the Dark offers something for everyone.

Beginning with the introduction right through to the last piece, the contributors grapple with ghosts and various denizens of the unknown in unexpected ways, pinning them to the page with words. With In the Dark, editors Myna Wallin and Halli Villegas bring together a collection of stories that are by turns witty, eerie and frightening. Every story is as unique as the dark shadows of each writer’s imagination, the place where all supernatural stories begin.

In the Dark Contributors:
Sandra Kasturi, Catherine Graham, J.Y.T. Kennedy, J. H. Korda, Dennis E. Bolen, Priscila Uppal, Pelayo Matute, Katherine King, Brett Alexander Savory, Michael Kelly, Sue Bowness, John Barlow, Stephen Humphrey, Andrew Leith Macrae, Heather Wood, P.G. Tarr, Gemma Files, Halli Villegas, Barb Rebelo, Colin Martin, Ewan Whyte, Christopher Canniff, Joanna Sword, Bruce Meyer, Myna Wallin, Isabella Colalillo-Katz, E.P. Leeson, Ursula Pflug, Elana Wolff

(Tightrope Books, 2006)

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