Live Coverage

In Live Coverage Priscila Uppal deftly negotiates between the contemporary and the mythic, in a bourgeoning 21st century that bristles with biblical and classical justice. Taking the form of a news report, complete with news crawl and mid-broadcast interruptions, this risky and unique collection of poems presents psychologically stark and wrenching portraits of individual lives here and now, while managing to be both a modern document and prophetic utterance. Readers will be hard pressed to forget Uppal᾿s Cassandra-like clarity.

(Exile Editions, 2003)

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Praise for Live Coverage

“Uppal᾿s poems put down roots in your mind. In words that wound. And heal.”

-Rosemary Sullivan

“One of the most engaging young poets writing in English in Canada today.”

-World Literature in Review

“Uppal is assured a prominent place in the firmament of this country᾿s new exciting poets.”

-Austin Clarke