Cover and interior photos by Tracy Carbert and Tim Hanna

Pretending to Die

At the time poet and fiction writer Priscila Uppal released this book she was 26 years old. Pretending to Die is her third book, and continues her exploration of myth and mourning, how the past survives in the present, and how we stay afloat against the knowledge of mortality.

(Exile Editions, 2001)

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Praise for Pretending to Die

“unquestionably a writer of strong vision and bold strokes.”

–Barbara Carey, The Toronto Star

“These poems are fresh gospels, proclaiming Truth in heart-startling English. Herein Love is damnation, Love is repentance, Love is redemption. To be holy is to be wholly human. Uppal’s poetry x-rays the soul-in all of its (re-)incarnations.”

–George Elliot Clarke

“Once in awhile you come across a book that, in every way, takes your breath away… both outstanding and unique. No ‘cookie cutter’ book, [Pretending to Die] is a work that will leave you awed and amazed.”

–Canadian Booksellers

“Priscila Uppal is an astonishing young talent. Her prose is intoxicating and filled with intense heartfelt beauty. No doubt, she will become one of Canada’s most important writers.”

–Kenneth J. Harvey

“Tensely laconic, capably turned lines…sheer good writing.”

–Fraser Sutherland, The Globe and Mail